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Melbet crowned the Best Online Gaming Operator at the latest EVENTUS Award

Awards and accolades are highly valued in the dynamic field of online gaming. Melbet won the 2023 EVENTUS Award for best online gaming operator, a notable award in the industry. Melbet deserves this recognition because, for the last 10+ years, we have consistently provided an exceptional gaming experience. Below is the history of the EVENTUS Award, its objectives, the benefits of entering, and, finally, why Melbet was granted this prestigious award in 2023.

The EVENTUS Award: Background information


Each year, the international gaming industry is honored at the EVENTUS Awards. The purpose of these awards is to recognize and reward excellent work in a variety of gaming and gambling-related fields. There are several nominations, including The Best Supplier, The Best Sports Betting Provider, and The Industry Influencer Award.


The Award ceremony’s objectives


The EVENTUS Awards are a major happening in the gaming business since they aim to accomplish multiple things at once:

  • Acknowledging the success. The EVENTUS Awards were created to recognize those businesses and operators who go above and beyond in serving their clients. Standardization and benchmarking in the industry are aided by this acknowledgement.
  • Fostering creativity. Winners of the awards are encouraged to maintain a culture of constant improvement and innovation. The EVENTUS Awards are given to those who have achieved remarkable results in the gaming sector in terms of innovation.
  • Promoting competitiveness. Any market that lacks healthy competition is doomed to fail. As a result of the EVENTUS Awards, participants develop a healthy sense of competition and are inspired to reach new heights in their fields.
  • Building confidence. The Best Online Gaming Operator Award is given due to a mix of commercial success, navigation, and quality of the UE. That means that the EVENTUS Award is a great example of an award that promotes customer confidence. Players are more inclined to use a platform for their gaming needs if they are aware that the operator has achieved recognition for its services.

Benefits of Taking Part in the EVENTUS Award

There are several benefits for gaming businesses to enter the EVENTUS Awards. Some are closely related to the objectives mentioned above:

  • Recognition in the field. The very fact of having participated in such an event may provide significant prestige to any business, regardless of the outcome. It displays a passion for quality and a desire to provide gamers with the greatest possible experience.
  • Access to a wider network. The EVENTUS Awards is a great place to meet new people and expand your professional network. Operators have the opportunity to network with others in their field, exchange their knowledge, and even form new partnerships.
  • Boosted trust. As was previously noted, being connected to a well-respected awards show may do wonders for a company’s credibility. A platform with a solid reputation will attract more customers and, thus, will benefit the long-term.

Naturally, there are many other upsides to participation, but those are the core ones.

What made Melbet the Best Online Gambling Operator in 2023?

Coming back to the initial question of what made Melbet the 2023 EVENTUS Award winner for online gaming operator? The success is attributed to a number of factors:

Superior quality of service

Melbet’s users have always had a fantastic time on the site. New and seasoned gamblers alike will find our website and mobile app simple to use and enjoyable.

Variety of games

Melbet is well aware of the fact that variety is the spice of life. Melbet provides a wide range of gambling opportunities, from standard casino games to slots, real-time casino games, and more. With such a wide offering, every gamer is certain to discover at least one option that meets their tastes.

Variety of betting opportunities

The same can be said about the betting opportunities offered. Newcomers and expert bettors will find 1,000+ betting markets with matches from all over the globe, including the exclusive ones, the ones with boosted odds, and so forth.

Client focus

Melbet values happiny customers above anything else. Bonuses for both new and long-term customers are generous, and customer service is quick to respond.

Ethical gambling

Melbet is unique in the gaming business because of its emphasis on responsible play. Melbet takes serious precautions to safeguard its patrons from gambling addiction and encourage responsible playing.


Melbet is constantly updating its entire system with new features and improvements to provide its users with the best possible service. Melbet consistently provides intriguing new features, innovative solutions, and unique casino games.


When it comes to online gaming, the EVENTUS Award is a mark of distinction that can only be earned by hard work and devotion to the industry. The fact that Melbet won the 2023 award for Best Online Gambling Operator shows how seriously we take responsibility for our customers. Melbet’s dedication to player happiness, variety, responsible play, and new features sets the company apart from its competition. 

As the gaming business develops, Melbet exemplifies what it takes to be a leading online gambling provider. Next year and many years ahead shape up to be a very time for Melbet and its successful path to achieving even greater success.

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